How to organize covers for Instagram highlights

Instagram highlights have become a real business card, and to make a good impression, they need to have attractive, well-organized covers. Fortunately, it’s possible to create beautiful, professional designs even without great editing skills — all it takes is a little creativity.

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In a quick search on the social network, you will notice that there are different styles of highlights. The most classic (and basic) of all is the one that includes a regular photo as a cover. If you found this article on Google, your focus is probably on something more creative and authentic.

In general, Instagram highlights are organized into different themes. To locate the user who arrived on the profile, it is common for the cover to contain symbols related to its content. It is possible to reinforce the subject covered in the headline of the highlights, but the more visual elements, the better.

What to cover in Instagram highlights?

To understand which topics to address, it is important to think about your goal on the social network. Without a doubt, the highlights of a business profile will not be the same as a personal profile. While there is no set rule, there is a pattern.

In business profiles, it is common for the following themes to exist:

  • Tips on how to use the product or take advantage of the marketed service;
  • Customer feedback;
  • Opening hours;
  • Location, if the enterprise has a physical point;
  • Catalog with the products and the corresponding values;
  • Accepted payment methods;
  • Discounts and promotions available.

On the other hand, personal accounts take another approach and include subjects such as:

  • travel records;
  • Moments with the family;
  • Photos related to the profession or college;
  • Images of pets;
  • Food in restaurants or on a daily basis;
  • Hobby records.

In addition to these topics, creator profiles often feature “discount coupons” and “who am I?” highlights. The last one is quite important, after all, new followers need to understand what the influencer has to offer in terms of content.

What styles to use in the highlights covers?

Now that you know exactly what subjects to cover, we can get to the outside. Instagram highlights are basically rooms that the user enters to better understand that profile. Following this example, therefore, the covers would be the doors, which need to clearly and objectively indicate what is behind.

There are some styles that catch users’ attention; but the possibilities are endless. At the end of the day, you’ll notice that it’s basically a cake recipe.

1. Highlights represented by symbols

The first suggestion is to use icons to indicate the content of your Instagram highlights. Choose the symbols you prefer and place them on a solid color background (it can be a single tone or different colors from the same palette).

2. Emojis as a cover

Following this same logic of illustrating the subject, some users replace icons with emojis. This style, however, is not for everyone. After all, the result will be a more relaxed approach and not everyone is looking for that.

3. Memoji in Instagram Highlights

Those who like a more playful tone can add a little more spice to their Instagram highlights with Memoji. This is a unique feature of iPhones that generates stickers that look similar to the users. In this case, the tip is to use different stickers with a default background. Here, it is necessary to use the “Title” field to flag the content.

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4. Solid colors with clear titles

If you don’t want to spend a lot of time with the aesthetics of highlights, there is a simple, quick and effective way out: bet on solid colors. To get started, choose a color palette or use the one you already use in your profile, if applicable. Distribute the shades in different covers and be careful in the title to indicate the subject covered.

If you look closely, you will see that all the suggestions follow a single pattern: the content of Instagram highlights must always be available to the user, either in the form of icons or in the title. Another indispensable ingredient is colors; neutral and preferably from the same palette.

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