How to make videos with photos in Kwai

Kwai (Android l iOS l Web) is a video social network that, although it has its own niche of users, still competes with TikTok. In fact, compared to the Chinese opponent, the tools offered are significantly more limited. However, the platforms have some common features. Among them is the possibility of making videos with photos.

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Kwai allows the user to compile 30 photos in each video — on TikTok, even, this limit is a little higher. Fortunately, the whole process is simple and very intuitive. Check out the step by step below!

How to make videos with photos in Kwai

Step 1: to get started, go to the Kwai app and click on the record button located at the bottom of the screen;

Step 2: then tap “Album” option to access gallery media;

Step 3: then select the photos you want to use to make your video on Kwai. To proceed, choose between “Manual editing” or “Auto editing”;

Step 4: use video editing tools, then click “Next”;

Step 5: Finally, create a caption for your clip, add the location, set the permissions and click the “Share” button.

Ready! Now you know how to make videos with photos on Kwai.

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