How to make transition effect on Instagram

Nowadays, making transition effect on Instagram is something indispensable. In addition to giving it a more professional feel, transitions can be used to reveal something new, make a change in appearance, follow the rhythm of music or speech, and much more.

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So, if you want to create more creative and interesting videos, you can use a transition filter, a video editor, or even create an effect manually on the platform itself. Check below for more details!

Use an Instagram filter

Instagram has ready-made filters that make it easy to make a transition effect without having to know much about editing.

  1. Create a Reel normally and search for “Transition” in the social network effects tab;
  2. Locate and select the “Transition: zoom”, “Transition: Warp” or “Transition: spin” and activate one of them;
  3. Each effect in the list will be activated following its own logic, just move your head to activate it — usually the instructions are indicated on the screen;
  4. Finally, record a video using the effect, create the Reel and publish it as normal.

Make the transition manually

In some simpler transitions, like snapping, jumping, or even rotating your phone, you can create a transition effect manually.

  1. Record jumping, finger snapping or cell phone rotation as normal;
  2. Crop the end of the video to a point where the image is completely blurred;
  3. Record the next video repeating the same movement. Remember to activate the “Align” function to get the exact frame of the transition and make it more fluid;
  4. Crop the beginning of the video, taking the blur point again, close to the one you chose previously;
  5. Watch the video to see if it’s aligned and transitioning smoothly;
  6. Finish the Reel and share it on Instagram.

Use a video editor

If you understand a little more about the art of editing, you can use a video editor on your cell phone to create even more elaborate transition effects. For this example, we’re going to use InShot, which has 12 transition effects options.

  1. Open the InShot app (Android | iOS) and tap “Video”;
  2. Select two or more videos you want to edit and proceed;
  3. Once this is done, tap the white “Transition” icon to add one;
  4. Choose one of the 12 available;
  5. Finish the video and share it on Instagram Reels.

From now on you can use one of the three methods listed above to make a transition effect on Instagram and make your creations even more interesting.

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