How to make Reels on Instagram with a ready-made video

Instagram (Android | iOS | Web) has been giving more prominence to Reels, which allows content creators to make more polished videos. It is also the part of the social network that has the most editing tools.

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If you have a video ready, but you still don’t know how to upload it, learn in this article how to make a Reels with the pre-created clip. At the end, we will also give you some tips on how you can edit the video, even with it ready in your cell phone gallery.

The following procedure was done using an iPhone 11 Pro running iOS 15.1, but works on Android devices as well.

How to make Reels with ready-made videos on Instagram

1. Open Reels function on Instagram

With Instagram open on the home screen, tap the slate icon at the bottom center of the page, then tap the camera button at the top right of the screen.

2. Select the finished video from the gallery

Tap the icon at the bottom left of the screen to open your phone’s gallery. When choosing a video, drag the sides at the bottom to choose which clip will be used in Reels. With everything ready, tap “Add” and then “Preview”.

3. Edit the Reels

Now it’s that part identical to Stories, where you can add music, filters, drawings, texts and other elements to customize your Reels. When finished, tap “Next”.

4. Share Reels

In the last step before publishing Reels, you can still choose to share the content to your Instagram feed, as well as tag other users and add location. Fill in the information and tap “Share” to publish the Reels.

How to edit Reels on Instagram

Regardless of whether the video used in Reels is recorded on the fly or is ready-made, Instagram allows you to edit it before the video is published to your followers. Next, we list what you can do in the edit screen.

add music

The icon with a musical note is responsible for adding music tracks or audio in the background of your Reels. You can add tracks and then adjust the music and camera volume using the audio controls for both options. If you prefer, you can leave the video audio to zero to highlight only the selected song.

add audio

Through the microphone button, you access the Voice-over function. In this option, it is possible to add lines over the Reels video. Move the slider to the point in the video where you want to add a spoken snippet.

add filters

With the three-star button, you open the Instagram filters and masks gallery. By default, not all effects are compatible with ready-made videos, so the way is to test and see which one works.

Add stickers, polls and GIFs

Using the sticker button, you can put stickers, time, temperature and reactions on your Reels video. This is where you also start a poll for your followers.

Add drawing and text

The last two options correspond to the scribble features, for drawing and freeform shapes, and text, for written sentences and expressions.

How about these tips? Now it’s easy to publish videos on Instagram Reels, even if these recordings are already ready in your phone’s gallery.

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