How to make Facebook private or nearly so

The social network is great for connecting with other people, but if you want a smoother browsing experience, here’s how to make Facebook private or, in fact, almost.

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It is impossible to delete some information such as your profile picture, your name and some other data, but it is possible to limit some things through Facebook’s privacy settings. Check it out below.

How to make facebook private

For the tips that I bring today, they will all be in the same area, so access your Facebook profile (Android | iOS) and enter the settings for the tips below.

profile information

In this area the user can start making their profile private by changing who can see certain information.

  1. Click on the three risks in the upper right corner and tap on “Settings”, the gear icon next to the magnifying glass;
  2. In the “Audience and visibility” section, select “Profile Information”;
  3. Click on the pencil next to information about Work, Education or others;
  4. Select “Sharing with:” and set the privacy of your information.

How people find your profile

One of the most important tips, which you should use on many social networks, is to prevent links to your profile from appearing in search engines outside of Facebook.

  1. Go back to the “Public and Visibility” section;
  2. This time go to “How people find and contact you”;
  3. All options are valid, select the one you want to edit;
  4. One of the main ones is related to search engines outside of Facebook, select and change to no.

How to limit who sees your posts

Another interesting option is to limit posts and who can see your past and future posts. Enjoy and also check out how to manage your Facebook posts for even more control.

  1. Return to the same section as in the previous steps and select “Publications”;
  2. Click on “Limit previous publications” and select the option of the same name, in red;
  3. Confirm to make your posts made so far visible only to your friends on Facebook;
  4. Return to the previous page and also control that you can view your “Stories”.

However, if you want to control who sees your future posts, this is done at the time of posting, selecting the “Friends” option under your name.

Control tags and other profile options

You can control various tagging, viewing and sharing options, in addition to always analyzing the tags they make of you, whether in timeline posts or photos that people or pages want to tag your profile.

  1. Tap “Profile & Tag” in the same section as the previous tips;
  2. Select the option you want to change the split between the “Viewing and Sharing”, “Tagging” and “Analyze” sections;
  3. Select the possible option and return to save.

If you want to prevent someone from finding your profile on the social network, the last tip is to see how to block a person on Facebook. Ready! These tips are essential for those who want more privacy and hide their Facebook profile.

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