How to make animated texts for Instagram Stories

Instagram (Android | iOS) has brought one more feature for customizing Stories: animation effects for texts. Each source available for Stories has a different transition effect, with new movements and compositions for your publications.

The animations are found in the text editing field, with an icon next to the options for changing the font’s color or format. Users can add more than one animated text to each post, which is repeated during Story playback. Want to know how to use it? Follow the step by step below!

Instagram Stories: how to make animated texts

Step 1: record your Story on Instagram. Then tap on the screen or on the fonts icon located in the upper right corner to enter text;

Step 2: Type your text and tap the highlighted item, fourth from left to right at the top of the screen, to insert an animation;

Step 3: Choose from available fonts to preview transition effects. Each text style has a different animation;

Step 4: tap the top corner icon to confirm the changes and add them to the post;

Step 5: the animation can be previewed while editing, while the user can add other visuals;

Step 6: with everything ready, send your image or video to Instagram Stories;

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