How to make a poll on Telegram

Telegram offers numerous features that are hardly found in competing apps. And today you will learn about a specific function for groups: learn how to make a poll on Telegram using the application for Android and iPhone (iOS), in addition to the web and desktop versions of the messenger.

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Telegram polls are a native feature of the platform and can be created within groups and communities. By participating in them, you can create polls to promote questions, make decisions together, or just have fun with friends.

How to create polls on Telegram

  1. Open the Telegram app on mobile, desktop or browser;
  2. Select the group or channel to poll on Telegram;
  3. Tap/click on the paper clips icon and go to “Poll”;
  4. Fill in the fields “Question”, with the poll title, and “Poll Options”, with the alternatives;
  5. Under “Settings”, check the Anonymous Voting, Multiple Answer or “Quiz Mode” keys. All these variants are optional;
  6. Finish by tapping “Send” on mobile or “Create” on desktop or browser.

When can I close a poll on Telegram?

You can complete a poll on Telegram at any time. On mobile, just tap and press your finger on it and select the “Stop Poll” option. From then on, no one else will be able to vote, and the result will be shown to the other members of the group or channel.

How many alternatives can I put in the poll?

Telegram allows you to enter a maximum of 10 alternatives for each poll.

What is Quiz Mode?

Telegram’s “Quiz Mode” works along the same lines as conventional polls. With the difference that only one of all the alternatives is correct. This option is more like a game than a question with other users’ opinions.

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