How to log out of Telegram Web

See how to log out of Telegram Web, the logoff process can be done either by the browser version or the computer software, but if you have forgotten the open account, don’t worry. The messenger has an option that allows you to log out of active accounts.

This can be done from anywhere, as long as your cell phone is connected to the internet, and you’ve been logged into your cell phone for at least a few hours. Just have the app installed on your Android or iOS, log into your account and follow the steps below.

How to log out of Telegram Web

It is worth mentioning that the process only logs you off from the platform you have chosen. If you don’t recognize other accounts, it is recommended that you tap “End all other sessions” to keep your Telegram private. Check it out below.

  1. Tap the three risks in the upper left corner and go to “Settings”;
  2. In the “Settings” section, enter “Devices”;
  3. In “Active Sessions” you will find all the devices that keep your account;
  4. Choose the browser you want to disconnect and tap “Logout”.

Another important tip is to schedule when to exit an active session. This is particularly useful for people who often use many devices with the same account. Check it out below.

How to schedule a logoff on Telegram

  1. Again in Telegram’s “Settings”, go to “Devices”;
  2. At the bottom of the screen, under “Active Sessions”, you can find the “Close old sessions” section;
  3. Tap on the date that appears on the right;
  4. Select the time that will allow the sessions to be active and that’s it.

Ready! That way you can control all other accounts from your cell phone, even the time it will take for a session to end.

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