How to log into other apps with TikTok account

You can use your TikTok account (Android | iOS) to log in to other apps. Similar to “Login with Facebook”, this feature allows you to use the same access as your profile on the social video network to create accounts on different platforms and access your credentials quickly.

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However, there are still few platforms compatible with the Login Kit, the name given to the set of login tools by TikTok. Some apps with the feature are Streamlabs (Android | iOS), used for live streaming, and (Android | iOS), for recording and sharing game clips. Do you want to use this form of access? See the step by step below!

How to log into other apps with TikTok account

Step 1: open an app compatible with TikTok’s Login Kit and access the screen to create registration. In this article, the option used was;

Step 2: then choose TikTok as access method;

Step 3: the TikTok login screen will be displayed on a web page. Choose how to access your social network account;

Step 4: enter TikTok login and password information;

Step 5: Before linking the two accounts, you can review what information from your TikTok account will be requested. To do this, tap on “Edit Access”;

Step 6: check which account information is requested and return to the previous screen. In some cases, it is possible to refuse access to some data;

Step 7: Finally, tap “Authorize” to access the third-party app using your TikTok account.

Ready! After this procedure, your account will be created with TikTok information. To log in at other times, just follow the instructions.

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