How to Enable Dark Mode on Facebook

Want to turn Facebook black? If you’re a fan of dark mode, know that the process is quite simple. By the way, there are two possible ways: activate the application function or use the feature of your cell phone’s operating system. Each of these options has particularities, so it’s worth trying both.

If you don’t give up on dark mode, you possibly miss a solution for the web version of the platform. Fortunately, this is not a problem. In addition to the browser’s dark mode, there are also extensions to turn Facebook black.

As you noticed, there is no shortage of alternatives. For starters, let’s go to the most obvious way out: how to enable the feature in the social network app?

  1. Access the Facebook menu (Android l iOS l Web), represented by the three-dash button in the lower right corner. Then, expand the “Settings and Privacy” tab and, in it, select the “Dark Mode” option;
  2. Finally, enable the feature. Click on “Enabled” or, if you prefer, “System” for the app to follow the operating system settings.

Incidentally, unlike other applications, the interface of the social network does not change when the user enables dark mode on the cell phone. This only happens when the “System” option is enabled.

This option even makes it more convenient for the user. After all, just use the mobile settings to activate the desired mode. Thus, Facebook and other programs with the function will be adjusted automatically.

How to make Facebook black on Android

To perform the configuration on Android, there is not much mystery. The process is quite simple. Despite this, the step-by-step may undergo some small changes depending on the model and manufacturer. In the process below, a Pixel 5a with Android 12 was used.

  1. With the “System” feature enabled, go to your Android phone’s Settings. Then select the “Screen” tab;
  2. Then find the “Dark Theme” option and click on it.

How to Enable Facebook Dark Mode on iOS

iOS users also find an easy way out. For the following captures, an iPhone SE 2020 with iOS 15 was used.

  1. On the iPhone, go to “Settings” and, on the home page, select the “Display and Brightness” option;
  2. Once this is done, click on the dark mode preview. If desired, set the screen brightness below.

To switch between dark and light mode during the day, select the “Night Shift” feature and set the time for the automatic switch – which will also affect Facebook.

How to make facebook black on computer

To use the feature on the web version of the platform, you must enable dark mode in your browser. Below, see tutorials for the most popular programs.

In addition to this method, the user can also download an extension to “force” dark mode in the browser. There are several options available in each program’s stores. But to illustrate, Dark Reader will be used, which is compatible with Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Edge.

1. Download the extension from the browser store or from the link above. After that, access the program extensions tab and click on the plugin icon;

2. This action will open a small window with the settings. In the upper right corner, select the “Ati” button. (short for activated). If desired, adjust the brightness, contrast, sepia, and gray tones of the page.

Dark Reader even allows you to program dark or light mode for a single site, as well as invert the current setting for specific pages in the “List of Sites” tab.

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