How to know who visited your Instagram profile

Unfortunately, there is no native function that lets you know who has visited your Instagram (Android | iOS | Web) — but this is normal, because, unlike the late Orkut or LinkedIn, almost no social network today allows this. But then, how to get around this situation?

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How to know who visited your Instagram profile

Through the Qmiran (Android) and Visitors Pro (iOS) apps, you can log in with your account and find out who took a peek at your profile. There is also an online platform that does not require any login; just search for your at sign (@). And why not use the social network’s native options to make some assumptions? Check it out below!

Importantly, to access apps that require you to log in to your account, we strongly suggest that you enable Instagram 2-Step Verification. You never know when security vulnerabilities might occur, resulting in your data being exposed.

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Download the Qmiran app

Download Qmiran (Google Play Store) and login with your Instagram account.

Wait until the platform gathers all the information and tap on “Profile statistics”.

In the next tab, you can already know who visited your Instagram profile.

Download the Visitors Pro app

Download Visitors Pro (App Store) and login with your Instagram account. Then tap “Free” to display up to five free options from contacts who have viewed your profile.

Access the Instagram Stalker platform

Using a web browser, access the Instagram Stalker website, tap “View now” and then “Skip ad” — if you don’t follow this step, the profiles will be hidden. Enter your username and click “View stalkers” — remembering that the profile must be public.

Then scroll down and see the users who have visited your profile the most in the last month.

Use the tools available on the social network

Although Instagram does not have a native tool for this, it is still possible to guess who may have visited your profile through likes given on very old posts, viewing Stories, or through the “Insights” tab — if you are using a business account. .

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Ready! Now you can use some options available to know who has seen your Instagram profile.

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