How to Insert memory card in Nintendo Switch

Like most Android phones available on the market today, the Nintendo Switch also works with internal memory and a microSD card. The space is used to store games, applications and other information available on the console, with the player, also being able to change the memory card at any time, from a simple access slot in all versions of the video game.

With an eye on this market, manufacturers have launched a series of microSD options specific to the Nintendo console, but the truth is that the Switch works with most devices of this type available in stores. Of course, there are certain specifications regarding the size of the cards, as well as regarding the type of material that is stored in such pieces, which end up being essential for those who play frequently.

After all, the traditional and Lite version of the Nintendo Switch only has 32GB of internal storage, while the console’s latest OLED option has 64GB. Those looking for the company’s exclusives, usually bigger games and with different options, will soon realize that the space can be small for so many games, with the microSD card becoming a good option, especially for those who don’t have very fast internet or like to use the video game in places with no connection, such as on a trip or on public transport.

Which memory cards work on Nintendo Switch?

The Nintendo Switch does not come with a microSD card in the box. The user must purchase such an accessory separately, in accordance with the specifications provided by Nintendo for use in the video game. Are the following:

  • microSD (up to 2 GB);
  • microSDHC (4GB to 32GB);
  • microSDXC (64GB to 2TB).

Look at the information on the packaging or on the body of the card itself to check the model you are purchasing, the size and also the transfer speed. According to Nintendo, the bigger, the better the experience with the Switch — the recommendation is for models ranging from 60 MB/s to 95 MB/s, so that data can be transferred optimally between the console and the microSD.

Prices vary depending on the size chosen and the brand. A Samsung microSDXC card, with 64GB, costs an average of R$50 in the Brazilian market, while 1TB options from different manufacturers can cost more than R$1,000. SanDisk also has a custom line of accessories for the Nintendo Switch, with images of the brand’s characters, with a 128 GB model costing around R$ 199.

During use, the microSD card can be used to store downloaded games, additional content and updates, as well as applications downloaded to the console. Screenshots and videos captured during gameplay can also be saved on it and even read and copied to a computer or notebook from the accessory. Save data, such as game progress, is the only information that can only be saved to the Nintendo Switch’s internal memory.

How to use memory card on Nintendo Switch?

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To install a microSD card on Nintendo Switch, follow these steps:

  1. Turn off the console by pressing the button on the top of the device for a few seconds. Select “Shutdown Options” and then “Shutdown” to disable the platform completely.
  2. In the first installation, the console may request an update or formatting of the accessory, carry out the operations until it is taken to the home screen of the video game, with everything ready to be used.
  3. On the regular and OLED versions of the Nintendo Switch, the microSD card port is on the back, below the plastic support that serves to make the game stand up. Lift the part and place the accessory in the entrance, pushing lightly until you hear a click.
  4. In the Lite version, the slot is located on the back, at the bottom left of the device.
  5. To format the Nintendo Switch SD card, access the Settings menu.
  6. In the menu on the left, select the option “Console”, at the end, and then “Formatting Options”.
  7. Select “Format the microSD card” to start the process, but be aware that by doing this, all data stored on it, whether from the video game or other applications, will be erased.

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