How to Increase the Quality of videos on Netflix

If you’re having issues with the streaming service’s image, you’d probably like to know how to increase the quality of videos on netflix. Well, know that this can be done quickly and conveniently directly in the playback settings.

In addition, you will also be able to check what to do if, even making these adjustments, the transmission image is still bad. Check below for more details!

  1. Through a web browser on your cell phone or PC, access your Account Settings page;
  2. Expand a profile and tap on “Switch” within the “Playback Settings” item;
  3. Select the “Automatic” option if you want Netflix to adapt the video quality according to your internet speed, “Low” to download up to 0.3 GB per hour, “Medium” for 0.7 or “High ” for better quality;
  4. Once the adjustments are complete, tap “Save” and return to the app.

Netflix is ​​in bad shape

If you’ve already made the stream quality adjustment, but the image is still bad, there are some steps you can take to try to improve it. Check out some tips:

  • Check for broadband internet connection — check the modem and, if necessary, restart it;
  • It is recommended to check if the internet connection speed allows the transmission of content. It is not rare that the use of mobile data is not enough to correctly load heavier content;
  • Keep the device closer to the router, if possible, in the same room, to avoid interference from the environment in the transmission of the Wi-Fi signal;
  • Confirm that your device supports the type of broadcast you are trying to watch. There are devices that are not compatible with Ultra HD or 4K resolutions, for example;
  • Restart the device. This can cause programs running in the background to close, allowing it to have more memory to dedicate to Netflix itself.

Ready! From now on, you already know exactly how to increase the quality of videos on Netflix, as well as what actions to take if the stream image continues to be bad.

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