How to hide hashtags and tags on Instagram

When accessing Instagram (Android | iOS) it is impossible not to come across them: hashtags. Whether in the feed or in the stories, they are responsible for expanding the content of your profile on the platform and can make your brand even more known — if they are used well.

However, this type of content can end up polluting the story or caption of a publication, making it difficult to read. If you want to hide hashtags and tags and still enjoy their benefits, check out some suggestions below!

How to hide hashtags and tags on Instagram


Step 1: create your post as usual and, before publishing it, write the caption text. Once this is done, insert a line break followed by a period, repeat this process at least four times, and only then enter the hashtags you want to use.

step 2: When the post is published, you will need to click on “…more” to view the hashtags.

step 3: this way you will be able to preview the formatting you created for the caption.

step 4: Another option is to insert the hashtags in the first comment of your post. That way, they won’t show up in your feed.

In stories

Step 1: to hide a hashtag in a story, write it normally and reduce its size as much as possible using the side tool indicated in the image.

step 2: then click on the “Stickers” icon in the top menu.

step 3: choose one from the list and position it exactly on top of your hashtags so you can hide them.

step 4: Another possibility is to try carefully dragging hashtags off the story canvas.

Ready! With some of these tips, you can make your Instagram feed and stories less polluted by hiding hashtags and tags.

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