How to find recently viewed ads on Facebook

Browsing Facebook (Android | iOS | Web) also means exposure to ads. When you scroll down your feed screen, many sponsored posts are displayed: some may not attract attention, but there are ads that may be of interest to you and end up lost in the midst of updates on the social network.

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If you want to find a recently viewed ad, Facebook provides a setting to display pages that have appeared in your feed. In this way, it is possible to access the advertiser profile or hide the display of sponsored posts from that specific brand. Unlike Instagram, it is not possible to view the ad that was displayed, only the respective page.

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See below how to find the ads seen on the social network. The process was done in the mobile app, but it has a similar step-by-step in the browser version.

Facebook: How to find recently viewed ads

Step 1: open the Facebook app and tap the icon with three bars located in the upper right corner of the screen. Then open the “Settings & Privacy” tab and select “Settings”.

Step 2: on the settings screen, go to the “Permissions” section and select the “Ad preferences” option.

Step 3: Facebook will display which brands have been recently viewed by your profile. In addition, there is a tab to find the pages of the ads that received clicks.

Step 4: tap each tag to open more information. You can view a quick description, access the page or hide these ads from showing.

Ready! Just follow these steps to find pages with recent Facebook ads.

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