How to Find a lost Apple Watch

The Apple ecosystem has countless interconnected wonders, but the most important is managing your devices connected to the same iCloud account. Through the Find My app — native to iOS, iPad, and macOS — you can not only quickly and easily access your entire list of devices but also manage and locate them geographically.

Even a device wearable — that is, that you “wear” to use throughout the day — the Apple Watch is also at risk of being forgotten or left somewhere, for example, when removed from the arm to avoid scratches, scratches and general damage on the device while performing some more vigorous physical activity.

Regardless of the device you use to access the Find My app, the app will provide you on the map with the last recorded location of all devices in your iCloud account, including your Apple Watch. Naturally, if the watch’s battery has run out, the indicated location will be the last location where the watch could be found.

Check below how to find your lost Apple Watch from your iPhone:

Step 1: open the Find My app on your iPhone. In the list of devices connected to your iCloud account, find your Apple Watch. You can either click on the map display icon — if you found it quickly — or by its name in the device list itself.

Step 2: by clicking on it, you will be able to view the current battery level status of the device. Below, you’ll find options to make it play a loud sound or access an itinerary, which will automatically open in Apple Maps. If the smartwatch runs out of battery, you will be guided to your last recorded location.

Step 3: when opening options, you can activate it as a lost device if this is the case.

Step 4: with the device marked as lost, and you can activate to receive notifications if it is automatically located by the app, such as when it is recharged or reconnected to a known Wi-Fi network.

Step 5: Lastly, as a more drastic option, you can choose to erase Apple Watch from your iCloud account’s device list.

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