How to enter Instagram via Facebook

Knowing how to enter Instagram via Facebook is an alternative for when you forget the password of the social network, for example. With Meta’s Account Center, you can create unified access for both platforms and quickly access your Instagram feed with your Facebook login information.

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One of the main advantages of logging in to Instagram via Facebook is its versatility: this access can be done in the browser or in the mobile applications of social networks. First, you need to confirm that the two accounts are linked. Then just log in. Check out how!

How to link Facebook and Instagram accounts for login

  1. Before trying to log into Instagram via Facebook, you need to check if the accounts are already linked. On Facebook (Android | iOS | Web), go to “Settings & Privacy” and then “Settings”;
  2. On the Facebook settings screen, scroll down and select the “Account Center” option;
  3. The Account Center helps to unify access and control experiences on more than one platform, such as publishing Stories on both networks. Make sure your Instagram profile is logged in under “Accounts & Profiles”. Then tap on “Logins with accounts”;
  4. Check the “Allow all accounts to be used as login” option.

How to enter Instagram via Facebook

  1. Open Instagram (Android | iOS | Web) and select “Sign In”. On the login screen, tap on “Sign in with Facebook”;
  2. A login screen will open in the browser. Enter your credentials;
  3. Finally, tap “Continue as” to complete the login and access your Instagram account.

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