How to enable two-step verification for Instagram

Instagram (Android l iOS l Web), like any other social network, requires certain security precautions. Therefore, it is recommended that users enable 2-Step Verification. In this way, attackers will have more difficulty when trying to access your account, as the social network will ask for a confirmation code sent by an alternative method.

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Currently, there are three verification methods available: WhatsApp, authentication apps and SMS. When selecting one of them, Instagram will send a match through one of these means. In addition, a set of backup codes is provided that will save your skin in case you lose access to the chosen method.

How to enable two-step verification for Instagram

Step 1: go to Instagram and, in the upper right corner, click on the three-dash button;

Step 2: then select the “Settings” menu;

Step 3: done that, click on “Security”;

Step 4: now select “Two-factor authentication”;

Step 5: choose security method between WhatsApp, authentication app and SMS;

Step 6: a confirmation code will be sent via the chosen method. Enter the combination on Instagram and click “Next”;

Step 7: with that, 2-step verification will be enabled! To disable it, just follow the same steps. Finish the process by clicking “Next”.

Step 8: at the end, some reserve codes will be displayed that serve to regain access to the account in case there is a problem with the main verification method. Keep these combinations and do not share with third parties. To exit the screen and end the process, click “Finish”.

Ready! Now you know how to enable 2-step verification for Instagram.

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