How to Enable Read Receipt in Outlook

Formerly known as Hotmail, Outlook (Android | iOS | Web) is an email platform developed by Microsoft that has integration and gives access to other company applications, such as Skype, OneDrive, Office Online, Xbox, among others.

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Through the native Windows 10 app, you can activate the read confirmation of the emails you send quickly and conveniently. This feature is quite interesting for those who want to know if important information, personal or work, has been received by the recipients. If that’s your intention, check out the step by step below!

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How to Enable Read Receipt in Outlook

Step 1: Open Outlook app on Windows 10 and click “File” in the top menu.

step 2: then select “Options” from the left menu.

step 3: in the window that opens next, click on “E-mail”.

step 4: Locate the “Follow-up” section and check the “Read confirmation ensuring the recipient has viewed the message”. Once the adjustments are complete, click “OK”.

Tip: Check the “Delivery confirmation ensuring that the message has been delivered to the recipient’s email server” option to receive a notification that the message has been delivered.

step 5: this way, as soon as you send a message to a contact who also uses Outlook, he will have to click on the indicated place to confirm the reading. If you have checked the message delivery confirmation option, it will be sent to your inbox.

Important: messages of this nature may take longer than usual to be sent and, depending on the email provider used by the recipient, the confirmation request may be blocked by the server.

Ready! You can now enable read receipts in Outlook.

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