How to Email Google Drive Files

Gmail allows sending files from Google Drive via email, using the attachments option on the platform. The tip can be especially useful if the document, photo, video, or file in question exceeds Gmail’s size limit.

You can still use the functionality in cases of file sharing with other people. Thus, they will be able to access the contents in an easier way. Learn how to send files from Google Drive by email.

on the computer

  1. Open Gmail in your browser and click “Write” in the upper left corner;
  2. Click on the Google Drive icon, between the Emoji and Photo buttons;
  3. A pop-up window will appear. Select the files you want to attach;
  4. In the lower right part of the window, check the option “Google Drive Link” or “Attachment”;
  5. Click on “Insert”;
  6. Finish editing the email and click “Send”.

Ready. The email will be sent with the Google Drive files.

It is worth noting that for the “Google Drive Link” option, you can upload any file stored in Drive. This includes items created in Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, or Forms.

As for the “Attachment” option, Gmail allows you to send files that were not created in other Google services or that are not saved in Google Drive. This is the option to send files that are on your computer, for example.

On Android and iPhone (iOS)

  1. Open the Gmail app on your phone;
  2. In the lower right corner, tap “Write”;
  3. Tap the paperclip icon to attach files. You may need to release permission to use the app;
  4. On Android, tap “Insert from Drive” and select the file you want to add;
  5. On iPhone, in the “Google Drive” section, select the files you want to upload;
  6. To select more than one item, tap and hold on one of them and mark the other files;
  7. Finish the email message and tap “Send”.

With that, you can now send files via Google Drive using your Gmail account.

A final point of attention is that you may be notified if one of the message recipients does not have access to the Google Drive files added to the email. If this happens, you must change the file sharing settings before sending the email.

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