How to edit videos on TikTok

When it comes to editing videos, there are several functions available on TikTok that can be used very creatively. Nowadays, the social network is one of the biggest references in the creation of content and entertainment, after all, there users can take advantage of free, accessible and customizable editing tools.

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In addition to adding filters, special effects and stickers very easily, it is also possible to cut, separate and even stitch videos on the social network. Because of this, a lot of creative content has been produced directly on TikTok. In this article, learn about some tips for editing videos on TikTok!

How to edit videos on TikTok

Before you start editing, it is important to know the main tools that TikTok offers when recording and creating videos. There are two moments in editing: the before and after recording. Discover the tools available on TikTok below:

before recording

  • REC button: Pressing this button will start recording a video on TikTok. When you release it, the video is automatically paused. Thus, it is possible to make a sequence of mini-clips until the maximum recording time is reached;
  • Effects: tapping here, you can access the TikTok special effects gallery;
  • perform upload: in this button, you can upload a photo or video directly from your gallery;
  • add sound: here you can search for music, sounds and sound effects for your video;
  • Reverse: toggles between the front and back camera image of the cell phone;
  • Speed: Increases or decreases the playback speed of your recorded video. By decreasing this value you can enjoy a “slow motion” effect;
  • filters: access the TikTok filter gallery, there you can add new colors and tones to your video;
  • Make up: allows you to add “Makeup” effects to your face;
  • timer: adds a small timer before starting recording;
  • Reply: here you can add popular TikTok questions to answer in your videos;
  • Flash: activates the flash light of your cell phone camera;
  • Duration: You can also choose to make 15-second, 60-second or 3-minute videos right above the REC Button;
  • MV: in this tab you will find small pre-defined clips on TikTok, then just add your photos and videos to complete the ready edits.

after recording

  • adjust clips: in this option, you can manage your clips by cutting, moving, replacing and even removing them from the sequence;
  • voice effects: here you can add effects that will be applied to the original audio of the video by modifying your voice;
  • voiceover: this tool allows you to record your voice while your video is playing;
  • improve: This option makes visual enhancements and corrections to your video;
  • noise reducer: This option improves the video audio by automatically reducing the sound of microphone noise;
  • sounds: adds music and sound effects to the video;
  • Effects: apply special visual effects, transitions, movements and many others;
  • Text: allows you to write and add text to your clips;
  • stickers: Access the gallery of TikTok stickers and emojis.

How to Duet on TikTok

On TikTok, “Duets” are very popular! When allowed by the creator, this option lets you combine two TikTok videos — one already published and one new recorded in your gallery — so you can create a sort of “Remix” video. Here’s how to do a duet;

  1. When you find a video you want to “remix”, tap “Share”;
  2. On this page, tap on the “Duet” option (if allowed by the creator);
  3. Once this is done, the video will be added to your TikTok creation page.

How to stitch videos on TikTok

Another very popular function on TikTok is “Sewing”. When allowed by the creator, this option adds a TikTok video to your creator page. That way, you can record a new ending for that clip. Here’s how to sew:

  1. When you want to stitch a video, tap “Share”;
  2. Once this is done, select the “Sewing” option (if allowed by the creator);
  3. Then the video will be added to your TikTok creation page.

5 Creative Tips for Editing Videos on TikTok

1. Activate the timer

On TikTok, turning on the timer feature can be a great way to start a countdown and record videos hands-free. This feature allows you to add a timer from 3 to 10 seconds, before you start recording.

2. Create looping videos

You know that weird feeling of being “stuck” in a video on TikTok? This is something natural when accessing a looping video. This style of video works with cuts that perfectly fit the beginning of the video to the end, giving it a feeling of infinity. These videos are very popular on TikTok as they keep people entertained for a long time on screen. Worth a try!

@jera.bean HOW TO: create a LOOP video with your words ✨ #loopvideo #loopvideotutorial #tiktoktips #tiktokpartner #learnontiktok ♬ original sound – Jera Bean

3. Make cuts between one scene and another

Another interesting tip is to make smart cuts between one scene and another. You know those videos where it looks like the person magically changed clothes? In fact, that’s the magic of editing. Pausing your video during a movement, cutting and then joining another video doing the same movement, can help you create very interesting illusions!


How I film my transition videos ❤️ (with result)

♬ …is sweaty – Kellan

4. Jump to make creative transitions

Making creative transitions is also a great way to captivate the audience’s attention to your video. Between scenes, you can either jump and land somewhere else, or snap your fingers and appear somewhere else. These transition tricks are a little easier to do and the result is pretty cool.

@maliawanders Corona didn’t stop me from traveling Europe. Here’s my travels from the last month. #travel #traveltiktok #fingersnap #sheisnotlost ♬ finger snap – мανιѕ🎈

5. Add text and use the spoken text option

One of the coolest tools on TikTok is the “Spoken Text” option. You can even write entire sentences and ask one of TikTok’s virtual voices to read that text. Many creators use this effect in animal videos. So if you have a pet it’s worth a try!

@amandxv kkkkkkkkkkkk #gato #egito #fypシ #foryou ♬ original sound – Julius 𓆓𓏲 𓃭𓇋𓇋𓅱𓋴𓀁

With these tips you can edit videos on TikTok more easily. Did you like this article? Share these tips with your friends who are just starting out on TikTok!

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