How to edit a post that has already been published on Instagram

Ever posted on Instagram (Android l iOS l Web) and then noticed there was an error in the caption? Fortunately, it is possible to solve this situation in a very simple way: just edit the post. This possibility has been available for some time on Feed and IGTV, and more recently it has been released to Reels. The process is even the same in any of these formats.

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How to edit a post that has already been published on Instagram

So far, the function is restricted to the social network application. Therefore, it is not possible to access it through the web version. To begin, then, enter the Instagram through the app and locate the post you want to edit.

Access post options

Open the photo or video, then go to the options tab (represented by the three dots icon). In the window that will appear next, select the “Edit” command.

Make the necessary adjustments

With that, you will be free to adjust the subtitle; tag other users (or delete tags); add alternative text; change the location and even create a paid partnership label. When the process is finished, tap “Finish” in the upper right corner to save the new version.

Ready! Now you know how to edit a photo or video you shared on Instagram.

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