How to download WhatsApp without using the Play Store

It is possible to obtain WhatsApp without being through conventional means, through the Play Store. APKs, an acronym for Android Application Package, serve as a manual installer and are much sought after by those who want to test applications that have not been released, beta versions of updates or some that are not compatible with their cell phone.

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You may wonder if there are any risks and good, like everything in life, yes. It’s important to make sure you’re downloading the file from a reliable source, like some examples we’ll give you below, because malicious people can use the APKs to infect your phone with viruses.

How to prepare the phone to install WhatsApp without the Play Store

By factory setting, Android phones do not support installation of applications downloaded from external sources. To learn how to change, access the tutorial that the Haanga did on the topic:

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How to download WhatsApp on mobile manually

Once the installation of external sources is allowed, it’s time to download the application. We are going to show you two ways, the one directly through the website and the other through app stores like APKMirror or APKPure, both of which can be obtained through the mobile browser.

Downloading WhatsApp from the official website

Access the official WhatsApp website through your mobile browser and at the bottom of the page, at the footer, you can find the Android APK under the Download section. Download the available version and then click on the pop-up that appears, titled “WhatsApp.apk”.

This will open a new tab, click on “Package installer” and then the phone will ask if you want to continue the installation, confirm and that’s it! Click open and configure the application to use it.

Downloading WhatsApp via APKMirror

For this step, we’ll need you to download APKMirror (Android), an application from the website that will help you find APK files on your phone. Download it directly from the Play Store, then go to your mobile browser.

Access the APKMirror website (Web), click on the magnifying glass in the upper and right corner and search for WhatsApp and download the desired version and now the website application comes into play. Open it and click “Browse Files”, it will show you all APK apps that are on your mobile. Find the WhatsApp one and install it, after that just configure and use the messenger.

Downloading WhatsApp from APKPure

Last but not least, we have APKPure (Web). Go to the website and click on the download button, right on the home screen, to download. The device will ask if you want to keep the file, click OK to download it. A popup will appear called “APKPure” click to perform the installation.

Open the app and allow it to access the storage settings. Then, search for WhatsApp, as you would in the Play Store, and access the file to perform the installation.

Security measures with APK apps

Because they are obtained outside of conventional means, APK files can raise doubts about the safety of their use. With a few measures, you can sleep soundly and know that your cell phone is safe. Follow some below.

1. Keep your device’s operating system always up to date;
two. Always use official websites that offer the app’s APK file or popular stores like APKPure;
3. See the reviews and comments that other users leave about the application;
4. Check the version of the app in the alternative store you downloaded and compare it to the PlayStore version.

In these ways it is possible to have access to the application without using the Play Store and download it through secure means.

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