How to download videos from Instagram

Want to know how to download Instagram videos? The process, although simple, is not intuitive at all. After all, the social network doesn’t offer the function natively, unless you want to download your own videos.

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In general, the user has to resort to external websites to download. You may be wondering: why take so much work? Well, there are two answers to this question.

The user may simply want a video from the platform to be saved in their personal file. Another hypothesis is that he is a cross-platform content creator. Downloading lets you repurpose videos on TikTok, for example — especially if the Instagram watermark is removed in the process.

Before moving on to the more difficult method, do you know how to download Instagram videos (Android | iOS) without using external websites? The option is available in the social network app and is quite affordable; but can only be used in your Stories or Reels.

1. To get started, go to Stories and, in the lower right corner, click on the three-dot button. Then select the “Save…” command and, in the next window, choose “Save video/photo”;

2. If you want to save a Reels, open a previously published video and click on the same button. Now, tap on “Save to Camera Roll” or another similar option. Instagram, unlike TikTok, does not allow you to save videos with audio from the platform. As a result, some videos are muted. To confirm, click “Download”.

How to download other people’s Instagram videos

There are numerous websites available on the web that allow you to download Instagram videos from their URL. This is useful both for saving other people’s content and for downloading your own videos without a watermark. The method applies to Stories, videos in Feed, Reels, IGTV and saved Lives. By the way, it works on Android, iOS and also on the computer.

The bad news is that some of these pages are unreliable and using them can infect your device. When we talk about this kind of website, there is no guarantee that you are on safe ground. So, whenever you carry out the process, use a powerful antivirus. That way, you will be alerted if there is danger in sight.

1. Access the publication, locate the three-dot button and click on “Copy Link”. In Stories and in Feed videos, the button is in the upper right corner of the screen. On Reels, IGTV and Lives at the bottom;

2. After that, go to the Save Insta website or similar. On the page, select the video format you want to download, paste the URL you copied and click “View”. Clips from IGTV, Feed and Lives are included in the “Video” tab;

3. The website will then load the video for download. Swipe down the screen and click the “Download Video” command or other similar button.

In case this site doesn’t work for some reason, you can access other options like SnapInsta and All in One Downloader. They all work the same: just paste the video link in the dedicated space and select the download button.

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