How to download videos from Globoplay

How to download videos from Globoplay

Before proceeding, there is some information you need to have. According to Globoplay (Android | iOS | Web), the feature works not only on cell phones but also on tablets with Android and iOS. To use it, however, you must have a 5Mbps connection.

1. With the application in hand, access the content you want to download. Then click on the download icon. For movies and documentaries, you’ll see the button next to the synopsis on the right of the screen. Series and soap operas, in turn, display the button next to each episode (yes, it is necessary to download one by one). To access all content available offline, click on the “Downloads” tab at the bottom of the screen;

2. Then click on the production you want to watch. Series and soap operas have a kind of “folder”, where all the downloaded episodes are kept. If you want to delete something, tap “Edit” or the pen icon in the upper right corner, select what will be deleted and tap “Delete”.

If you chose a production to download and did not find the download button, be aware that the option is not available for all content on the platform. For contractual reasons, some movies, series and documentaries can only be watched online. An example of this is The Voice Brasil, a music reality show that appears in the catalogue.

Only four devices can download content simultaneously and the same content can only be downloaded four times. For each such situation, an error message is displayed. In general, the warnings are quite explanatory. But, if you want to know all the possibilities, Globoplay has a page dedicated to the topic.

In addition, the user has only 30 days to watch the downloaded videos. And, as if that wasn’t enough, after playing, the file is deleted within 48 hours. Another important detail is that there is a download limit per subscription. It is possible to download up to 25 videos and, if you have a Family Account, this amount is divided between the registered profiles.

Although the service has many limitations, it is right to allow the user to choose the quality of the videos. To do so, just click on the user icon and on “Settings”. Then select “Quality for downloading videos” and decide which one you prefer. There are four options: low, medium, high, and maximum. If you intend to use the mobile network for downloads, be aware that the data expense increases with the chosen quality.

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