How to Download Photo albums from facebook

Want to know how to download Facebook photo albums? If you’ve published images on the social network and want to save them on another device, know that the process is quite simple. Even with the right tools, you can download any photo album from the platform, even if it’s not yours.

Unfortunately, this possibility is not offered by the social network application. Therefore, to create a backup of the published photos, it is necessary to access Facebook (Android l iOS l Web) from the computer. By the way, if you thought about entering the social network through your mobile browser, be aware that this method does not work.

  1. Log in to your Facebook account from your PC. Then click on the profile picture at the top of the page. Now, locate and select the “Photos” tab and, in it, click on “Albums”;
  2. Choose the collection you want to save and click on the three dots button. Finally, tap on the command “Download album” and “Confirm”.

To download a photo album of other people, the process is not so simple. While it is possible to save individual photos, there is no native Facebook feature that focuses on entire collections.

Fortunately, it is possible to get around this difficulty through plugins. The options are diverse and can be found in your browser extension stores. For this tutorial, the Haanga used Album Downloader for Facebook.

1. To get started, go to the extension link and tap the “Use in Chrome” button and confirm. Then log into Facebook and access another user’s album. Open one of the photos in the collection and click on the plugin icon, represented by an arrow at the top of the browser;

2. The extension will process all the images in the album and a new tab will open in your browser. In it, select the “Multiply download” button to download one photo at a time, or “Zip download”, to get a compressed file with all the media.

Finally, just choose a folder on your computer to store the content. If you want these images to be on your phone, use a USB cable to transfer them, a cloud storage service, or whatever medium you prefer.

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