How to Download Music Free and Legally on iPhone

Various music streaming and distributors, such as SoundCloud, Spotify and Apple Music, allow user to download music free and legally on iPhone. In addition, many of these also offer Hi-Fi and Lossless download options, which deliver higher quality music than the popular MP3.

  • The best sites to download free (and legal) music
  • How to Enable Lossless Audio on iPhone, Mac and iPad

All these benefits are included in premium plans that are very affordable, including family and student plans, and already make up a large part of the available audio library. To help you choose the ideal app to download music on iPhone, we’ve separated 8 options that are available for download on the App Store. Check out each one to download and listen to your favorite melodies on your Apple smartphone!

1. Apple Music

  • Availability: iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, Apple Watch
  • Subscription: BRL 16.90/month

Apple Music is one of the best options to get started in the music streaming universe. Spotify’s main competitor, Apple’s service has 70 million songs in its catalog, without ads and with a large part available in lossless to listen and download at no additional cost. This great differential will certainly please those who are passionate about music and audiophiles.

Everything is in the Music app, just open it and you will be instantly impacted with an ad offering 3 months free trial. It’s enough time to enjoy all the features that streaming has to offer, in addition to being very well integrated into the ecosystem of Apple devices, especially its brilliant interface on the Apple Watch.

Its monthly subscription also stands out for being one of the cheapest among its competitors: the individual plan costs R$ 16.90; in Family Sharing, R$ 24.90; for students, the monthly amount is cheaper and costs R$ 8.50. If you want to get it through the Apple One service, your subscription costs R$26.50/month and also includes Apple TV+, Apple Arcade and 50 Gb of iCloud storage. As we said, all plans include HD playback and download lossless and Hi-Fi.

2. Spotify

  • Compatibility: iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, Apple Watch
  • Subscription: BRL 19.90/month

With over 356 million monthly active users, Spotify is one of the most popular streaming platforms in the world. On iPhone, you can browse and listen to music even without a subscription plan activated, randomly listening to music based on your preferences and with ads.

However, to download music with high quality in the app, you will need to have one of your plans activated. You can start with a completely free 30-day trial and then subscribe to the individual monthly plan for R$19.90, or the family plan for R$34.90 (up to six people). The service also has a “Premium Duo” plan for R$24.90/month (for two people) and for students for only R$9.90/month.


  • Compatibility: iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, Apple Watch
  • Subscription: BRL 21.90/month

With an intuitive interface similar to Spotify, TIDAL is an excellent choice for music lovers, especially audiophiles. The app was one of the pioneers in providing high definition sound for download via HiFi and in Dolby Atmos, enjoying the sound with an immersive “360” feeling and with studio quality completely offline.

The amount of high definition music is impressive and the application creates excellent playlists through My Mix and My Video Mix. Its plans are divided into three options: TIDAL Premium, for R$ 26.90/month with “Premium” sound quality; TIDAL HIFI, which delivers quality in HiFi for BRL 53.90/month; TIDAL Family, to include 5 more family members and listen to “Premium” sound for R$ 41.90/month.

4. Deezer

  • Compatibility: iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, Apple Watch
  • Subscription: BRL 21.90/month

Deezer is a well-known music streaming service for being included in plans from operator TIM, Mercado Livre, Globoplay and others. The app has a simple and very intuitive interface, with excellent features such as “Flow” to discover new music based on user preferences.

When you open the app, you can commit to a 3-month trial on the track with all the features of the premium plan, including offline download. Its prices cost R$21.90/month in the individual plan, R$31.90/month in the family plan (with 6 accounts) and R$31.90/month with HiFi sound and high definition quality.

5. YouTube Music

  • Compatibility: iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch
  • Subscription: BRL 21.90

If you like to listen to music on YouTube, you will like your streaming service even more. That’s because it only offers rare songs and content that you can’t find on other music platforms, with the possibility of listening with the screen off and, of course, downloading offline. In addition, Google Music Player users will also be able to listen to tracks from their library on YouTube Music (if they request data migration through the app).

Integration with the YouTube app and the familiarity of the service make YouTube Music an excellent choice for anyone looking to download their favorite music. The platform’s individual plan costs R$16.90/month and the family plan costs R$25.50/month (up to 6 people). You can also use it for free, but with ads and no offline download.

6. SoundCloud

  • Compatibility: iPhone, iPad
  • Subscription: BRL 10.90

SoundCloud is a platform aimed at new artists and bands who want to promote their work and make it available for free download. Just make a simple registration, get the recording music file and upload it to the platform. Although the download is optional, you will be able to find many options of great tracks recommended by the application itself.

7. Bandcamp

  • Compatibility: iPhone
  • Subscription: free

With a similar proposal to SoundCloud, Bandcamp offers a community space for people who are passionate about music and want to get to know independent artists and their works better. Everything is available in a social network-like interface and each artist can insert songs, albums and EPs to download for free.

To contribute and facilitate support for independent singers and producers, Bandcamp also offers a means by which fans can pay any amount to obtain their work – like the famous “pay what you think it’s worth”.

8. MP3 Stage

  • Compatibility: iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch
  • Price: free

The famous Brazilian free music sharing app is also an excellent option to get to know and support new artists. Its collection has more than 1.4 million songs and more than 126 thousand artists who distribute their work through the platform. In addition, you can also choose your favorite music genre, among the 60 available, and customize them according to your preferences.

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