How to Download Files Without Asking Safari for Mac Permission

If you usually use Safari to browse the internet and download files, you may have already come across a permission request when trying to download files. Don’t get me wrong, this feature is important to keep your Mac safe. However, insistence can be inconvenient for everyday use.

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Bear in mind that, yes, there are sites that abuse your good faith and try to insert malicious files into the system. Permission is a method of making sure that it is you who took the initiative to download a software, image, spreadsheet, or other type of file.

The problem is that the Mac should ask you to confirm the action on every website and cause possible incompatibility issues. If you know well where you travel, you can avoid this protection.

Below, check out our step-by-step guide to downloading files in Safari on Mac without the browser asking for permission.

Disabling Download Permission

Step 1: on Mac, open Safari. Then, at the top of the screen, click on the menu “Safari” > “Preferences…”.

Step 2: go to the “Sites” tab. On the side tab, select the “Downloads” section.

Step 3: in the list of sites of “Configured Sites” will appear the open sites and, also, whose permission has already been given for downloads. You can set them to “Allow”, and authorize all downloads; “Ask”, and always show a confirmation of the action; or “Deny”, and block any file from being downloaded.

If you want to remove a previously configured site, just click on it and then press the “Remove” button.

Below under “When visiting other websites” open the drop-down menu and click “Allow”. This way, all downloads will be automatically allowed in Safari.

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