How to download and install WhatsApp: errors and solutions

Learn how to download and install WhatsApp, as well as identify errors and find solutions when downloading the messaging application or updating it. Available on multiple platforms, the Haanga will show you how to use it in each of them to stay connected wherever you are.

Follow below how to download and install on mobile, both the common and Business versions, in addition to the desktop application and the APK download directly from the WhatsApp website.

How to download and install WhatsApp on mobile

Installation on mobile phones is quite simple, just download WhatsApp (Android | iOS) and follow the installation and configuration instructions below.

  1. Open the application, click “Agree and continue”;
  2. Choose the country and enter your phone number;
  3. After clicking on Next, it is necessary to confirm the number with the code received by SMS;
  4. Allow the cell phone to access the cell phone’s “Contacts and Media Files”;
  5. Enter your name and enter a profile picture and click “Next”;
  6. Wait for the launch to be able to use the app.

It is also possible to use WhatsApp on the tablet, so take a look at the text on how to install and use WhatsApp on the tablet.

How to download and install WhatsApp Business on mobile

The WhatsApp Business version (Android | iOS), focused on business accounts for companies or legal entities, also has a simple process. Check out!

  1. After downloading, open the application and click “Agree and continue”;
  2. Choose the country and enter your phone number;
  3. Enter the code received by SMS to confirm;
  4. Allow the cell phone to access the cell phone’s “Contacts and Media Files”;
  5. Enter your name and add a photo to the account. Also select your company category;
  6. Wait for the launch to be able to use the app.

Take the opportunity and take a look at the texts on How to create a product catalog for your company and How to put an automatic message on WhatsApp.

How to download and install the official WhatsApp APK

If you prefer to install the application manually, you can get the APK from the official website for Android devices. Download the app and check below how to install.

  1. Go to your device’s download folder and click on the file named “WhatsApp.apk”;
  2. A message will appear warning that it is necessary to allow the phone to install apps from unknown sources. Click on “Settings”;
  3. Select “Allow from this source” and return;
  4. Click “Install”.

From there, the process to create your user is the same as before, what changes is that the installation is manual. You can check what the APK is and what the risks of downloading it are here.

Common errors and problems when installing or updating

Downloaded the app, but it keeps giving error and can’t install? This is a very common issue among users, but there are some solutions that can help. Check out!

not enough space

The most common error when installing WhatsApp is the lack of space on the device. Try to free up space by uninstalling apps you don’t use often and always try to keep your device with 1 GB of free space to install new apps.

Remove and add your Google account from the device

Another solution that can help you is to remove your Google account from Android devices and add it again. To do this, follow the steps below.

  1. Access your device settings Then “Google”;
  2. Click on your account and then go to “Manage accounts on this device”;
  3. Select the account registered on the device and click “Remove Account”.
  4. Restart your device and enter Google again to add your account;
  5. Fill in the necessary data and try to download and install WhatsApp again.

Device compatibility

Less common, but also possible, WhatsApp may not be installed because your phone’s operating system does not support it. Your Android phone must have OS 4.1 or later and iOS has OS 10 or later.

Failed to update the app

The APK application is not only useful for installation. If you are having trouble updating the app from the Play Store, download the latest version from the official website and install it to update manually.

Clear Play Store cache

Another solution, if your phone is not updating or installing WhatsApp, is to clear the Play Store cache.

  1. Access settings and enter “Applications” or “Apps”;
  2. Find Google Play Store and go to “Storage”;
  3. Click “Clear Cache”.

How to download and install WhatsApp desktop

If you spend a lot of time on your computer, you may prefer to install WhatsApp Desktop and continue chatting. See how to scan WhatsApp Web QR Code, as it will be needed after installing. Check how to download and install.

  1. Go to WhatsApp downloads page and download for Windows or Mac;
  2. Enter your downloads folder and double-click the newly downloaded installer;
  3. Wait for the installer to load and now just scan the QR Code with your cell phone to access your account.

Ready! These are the ways to download, install and configure your WhatsApp account on different platforms, as well as some tips to solve the most common problems.

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