How to Download a podcast from Spotify to listen offline

Listening to music offline on Spotify is one of the main features of the streaming app. And the same goes if you want to download podcasts from Spotify, allowing you to listen to hours of content without needing an internet connection.

The option to download podcasts is available on the desktop version of the service and in the app for Android and iPhone (iOS) mobile phones. In addition, it is an exclusive feature for subscribers who pay for Spotify Premium. Here’s how to download a Spotify podcast for offline listening.

On computer (desktop application)

  1. Open Spotify desktop app on computer;
  2. Find the episode of a podcast you want to download;
  3. Hover over the episode and click “Download” (down arrow icon);
  4. Wait for the episode to download. The arrow icon will turn green;
  5. Your saved podcasts will be in the “Your Episodes” tab in the left menu.

On Android and iPhone (mobile app)

  1. Open the Spotify app on mobile;
  2. Find the episode of a podcast you want to download;
  3. Tap “Download” (down arrow icon);
  4. When the icon turns green, the download is complete;
  5. To view saved podcasts, tap “Your Library” and go to “Your Episodes”.

Can I download Spotify podcast on the web version?

Not. Spotify web player (browser version) does not allow you to download podcasts. However, you can still access the “Your episodes” list, with all podcasts saved on your mobile or desktop.

Can I download multiple episodes of a podcast at once?

Not. For now, you can only download one podcast episode at a time from Spotify.

Do I need to download the Spotify podcasts on each device?

Yup. Downloading a podcast episode is only valid for the device on which it is downloaded. For example, if you saved the content in the Spotify Android app, then you will need to download the same episode on Spotify for desktop if you want to listen to it on your computer. Just repeat the tutorial.

Can I miss a podcast downloaded from Spotify?

Yup. You may lose your downloads, including music and podcasts, in the following situations:

  • If you don’t go online at least once every 30 days;
  • If the Spotify app is deleted and/or reinstalled;
  • If the same content is downloaded on more than 5 devices;
  • If the Spotify app is not up to date;
  • If the SD card (if you use one) does not work properly.

Can I undownload a podcast?

Yup. Just enter the “Your Episodes” section and click the green down arrow icon to remove the downloaded Spotify episode.

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