How to do the Instagram retrospective of most liked photos

Every year end, social network users usually make the retrospective of most liked photos on Instagram. More specifically, the Best Nine (or Top Nine) of most popular images on your profile.

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Although Instagram itself does not provide its own tool for this, there are sites that assemble a mosaic containing the photos with the highest number of likes in the last 12 months. Learn in the following tutorial how to make your Best Nine with the most liked posts on your Instagram throughout the year.

How to do Best Nine on Instagram

Best Nine is an English expression that can be translated as “the best nine”. The number refers to the nine most liked photos on Instagram. The term is also known as Top Nine, and it gains strength mainly at the end of the year, serving as a retrospective of some posts on Instagram.

However, neither expression represents an official feature of Instagram. Both were created by the users themselves, who every year began to use third-party services that analyze publications on the social network to create a carousel of photos with the most likes.

It’s important to remember that third-party websites and apps that make Best Nine only work if your Instagram profile is public. Private (locked) accounts are not supported. For this tutorial, we will be using the Best Nine website, which does not require you to log in with your Instagram account. As the volume of collages is high, the page claims that a montage can take up to 10 minutes to complete.

You can access the website from your internet browser on your computer or mobile phone, as the procedure is the same:

  1. Visit the Best Nine website (
  2. Enter your username in the “Instagram ID” field and click “GET”.
  3. Wait for the site to load the carousel of the nine most liked photos on your Instagram.
  4. Save the file and share the result on your Instagram profile.

If you want to further boost your post of best photos of the year in the Instagram retrospective, use the hashtags “bestnine”, “#best9” or “bestnine + current year”.

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