How to do an Instagram retrospective of your Stories

December is a month in which many reserve to remember the most memorable moments of the year. You’ve probably noticed that your friends, and even celebrities, have already started doing the Instagram retrospectivealso called Playback.

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Through the native feature, it is possible to remember the 10 best stories of 2021, which were selected using the social network’s own algorithm. If any that have been selected are not to your liking, don’t worry; you can remove it and add another one instead. Check below how to create your Instagram Stories retrospective (Android | iOS | Web).

  1. Once the feature is available on your profile, you will be notified, so click “View Back” on the home screen to get started. It is also possible to access the retrospective by clicking on the Stories of those who made and already published;
  2. Tap “Next” to see which Stories have been selected;
  3. Add Stories to the list or remove selected ones and tap “Next”;
  4. Finish the post and share your Playback with friends.

Ready! Now you can have the Instagram retrospective with your best Stories of the year.

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