How to disable Gmail sync on mobile

By default, Gmail (Android | Web | iOS) syncs emails from your inbox to all devices that are logged in with your Google Account. While this feature is quite interesting, it may not be in your best interest to keep it activated.

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However, be aware that deactivating webmail synchronization on your phone is something that can be done quickly and conveniently in the app itself or in the Android settings. Check out the step by step below!

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How to disable Gmail sync

Step 1: Open the Gmail app on your phone and click the “Three lines” icon in the upper left corner.

step 2: Scroll the left menu to the bottom and tap on “Settings”.

step 3: Select which account you want to apply the changes to.

step 4: In the next tab, find the “Data Usage” section and uncheck the “Sync Gmail” option.

step 5: in the popup opened then tap “OK” to confirm the action.

step 6: If you want to keep the sync on, but prevent it from being performed constantly, you can adjust the period. To do this, click on “Days of emails to sync”, select the interval and click “OK”.

How to Disable Gmail Sync on Android

Step 1: Go to Android’s “Settings” tab and tap on “Accounts”.

step 2: Find and click on a Google account to configure it.

step 3: In the next tab, tap on “Account Sync”.

step 4: Locate the “Gmail” item and disable it to disable synchronization.

Ready! You can now disable Gmail sync on your mobile.

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