How to Disable FaceTime Phone Calls on Mac

While answering phone calls from your smartphone on your Mac is very practical, it might not be all that pleasant. At times that require greater concentration, such as work, study, or other special routines, being interrupted by a Mac call may not be convenient. Also, for people who have their iPhone at their side all the time, the function becomes practically useless.

There are two very practical alternatives to not be interrupted by Mac calls. The first one is to activate the computer’s Do Not Disturb mode, a function located in the Control Center. This solution is temporary and therefore silences any notifications that macOS receives.

In case you are waiting for some important notice and don’t want to enable Do Not Disturb mode, you can simply disable FaceTime incoming phone calls on Mac. Below, we have prepared a step-by-step guide for you to turn off the feature on Mac and iPhones.

Disable FaceTime Phone Calls on Mac

Disabling phone calls

1. On Mac

Step 1: on Mac, open the FaceTime app. Then, in the menu bar, click “FaceTime” > “Preferences…”.

Step 2: under “Settings”, uncheck “iPhone Connections”.

2. On iPhone

Step 1: on iPhone, open the Settings app. Then go to “Phone”.

Step 2: enter the “When Nearby” section.

Step 3: uncheck the Mac you don’t want to receive calls from.

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