How to Delete Videos in Kwai

If you posted a video on Kwai and regretted it, know that you can easily delete it through the app. The short video social network, which has a format similar to TikTok, offers the user two options: permanently delete the content or deprive it.

In both cases, the video is unavailable to other users immediately after the auction. If you choose to delete, it is important that you know that Kwai (Android l iOS l Web) does not offer recovery mechanisms. Therefore, it is recommended that you save the content to the phone’s memory to have a backup.

Incidentally, while the deletion is final, the video’s privacy options can be changed at any time. This means that the user has complete freedom to deprive content and, soon after, to reverse the action. In fact, the path is the same for both commands.

  1. With the Kwai app in hand, access the video you want to delete. Then tap on the Share button. If your phone is Android, click the three dots button;
  2. Once this is done, select the “Delete” or “Set as private” command, which is on the left. Confirm the action in the sequence by tapping the “Yes” button.

Unlike TikTok, Kwai has a less intuitive interface. As a result, if the user needs support, he will not find any communication channel in the application. The information is only available on the website.

Apparently, to request the removal of a video or to report a problem in the process, this must be done via email. The channels for this are [email protected]; [email protected] (for privacy issues); and [email protected] (for complaints).

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