How to delete telegram messages

Telegram is known for the privacy it guarantees to users, giving it great control over several features, including deleting messages and media.

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The messenger allows many configurations, even more than the competition, and when it comes to deleting sent messages, it’s no different. This process applies to text messages, voice messages and sent media.

  1. Access the application on your Android or iOS device;
  2. Open the private conversation or group that contains the message you want to delete;
  3. Press your finger until the message is selected and the top menu appears;
  4. Select the recycle bin option and a confirmation message will appear;
  5. Check the box if you want to delete the message for the other user as well;
  6. Then tap “Erase” to finish.

If you want to clear the chat, deleting all incoming and outgoing messages, the process differs, see below.

  1. In the part where all conversations are, tap and hold on the conversation you want to delete all messages;
  2. Tap the trash can icon in the top menu;
  3. Select “Delete for (username) as well and then “Delete chat”;
  4. In the lower corner, a message will appear that allows you to undo the action, but be quick, as it is only possible to undo for five seconds.

Ready! As soon as you delete Telegram messages. As a last tip, also see how to program messages to delete on Telegram, and choose which option best fits your needs.

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