How to Delete or Disable Twitter account

Discover how to delete a Twitter account can be a solution for those who are tired of participating in the social network. However, before permanently deleting your Twitter account, you must deactivate it. This procedure is performed by default on the social network, allowing a time window of 30 days for restoring your account, in case you change your mind.

Starting the process of disabling your Twitter account, your “@display_name” and the public profile will no longer be available in any version of the social network for the next 30 days, after which the account is permanently deleted from the system. Check it out:

  1. Log in to Twitter (Android | iOS | web);
  2. In the side menu bar, tap “Settings & Privacy”;
  3. Then tap on “Your Account”;
  4. Then just select the option “Deactivate your account”;
  5. Carefully read the deactivation terms and tap “Deactivate”;
  6. Once this is done, confirm your password on Twitter and tap “Deactivate” again to complete the action.

Twitter also highlights some other important information you should know before deleting your account: it is possible that some information about your account will still be available on search engines like Google or Bing. In addition, you can also download your Twitter data (photos, videos, messages) before permanently deleting your account.

By accessing Twitter, you can see how many days are left before it is permanently deleted. To reactivate the Twitter account, simply login to your account and tap “Yes, reactivate” stopping the deactivation process. But, it is worth remembering that this is only possible before the end of the 30-day recovery period. Did you like this tip? Share this story with your friends who are thinking about leaving Twitter.

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