How to delete facebook from mobile

Want to know how to delete Facebook from your cell phone and say goodbye to the social network for good? Lucky for you, the process is quite simple. But, unlike platforms like Twitter and TikTok, which adopt more “lean” interfaces, application settings can be a real maze.

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So, even though the walkthrough has few steps, it easily confuses the user. At least, Facebook’s menus don’t undergo robust changes between Android and iPhone.

What happens if I delete my Facebook?

Before proceeding, you should know the effects of this action. When you delete your account, all published content will be lost, as well as the pages you manage yourself. To resolve this last issue, add a secondary admin to each of them.

In the process, your Messenger account will also be deleted. And, amazingly, this is not the most critical effect. There is an even worse consequence: the inability to use the Facebook account (Android | iOS | Web) to log into other sites. This forces the user to trigger support for each linked platform to — with luck — regain their access.

After this information, you may decide that deleting Facebook is too drastic. In this case, know that the platform also allows you to deactivate the account, an interesting way out for those who want to unwind, but do not give up their profile.

How to delete facebook from mobile

1. To get started, find and select the profile icon in the lower right corner. Slide down the screen and, in the “Settings and privacy” tab, click on the “Settings” menu. Now, search for the “Account” section and, in it, choose the “Access and profile control” tab;

2. On the next page, tap the “Deactivation and Deletion” tab. Select the “Delete account” option and, below, the “Continue to account deletion” button. Again, click on “Delete Account”, enter your password and confirm.

Although it is a definitive action, the user has 30 days from the confirmation to cancel the deletion. To do so, simply login normally to the platform and select the “Cancel deletion” command.

In another tutorial, the Haanga explains how to delete Facebook from PC. The process is more complicated, but it works as an emergency exit for those who don’t have access to the app. In the article, the deletion process is explained in more detail. So worth a look!

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