How to Delete a Workout on Apple Watch

The Workout app is a great companion for exercising with your Apple Watch. In addition to the ability to track calorie expenditure, heart rate, and other information, Activity Circles keep you motivated to achieve daily goals, win prizes, and more.

In this sense, it is important that all the information in the application is suitable for the correct monitoring of training. If you’ve noticed a measurement taken by mistake in the app, or that the smartwatch sensors may be out of calibration, the best way to reorganize the data to get real-world results in the Fitness and Health apps is to erase the erroneous counts.

It is important to mention that, when deleting the data, only the Activity Circles records will be affected. Awards and achievements that were acquired in exercises will not be deleted.

Follow, below, a step-by-step two simple methods for you to delete exercises from Apple Watch using iPhone.

Deleting workouts from Apple Watch

1. In the Fitness app

Step 1: on the iPhone paired with the Apple Watch, open the Fitness app. Under “Summary”, tap “Show More”.

Step 2: check the registered exercises and which one you want to delete from the application. When choosing one, drag it with your finger from right to left and tap “Delete”.

Step 3: Choose whether to “Delete Workout and Data”, and delete the records in the Health app, or “Delete Workout Only”.

2. In the Health app

Step 1: on iPhone, open the Health app. Then tap the “Explore” tab,

Step 2: go in “Activity” > “Exercises”.

Step 3: Scroll down and tap “Show All Data”.

Step 4: drag your finger from right to left over the information you want to delete. Then tap “Erase”.

Step 5: Finally, choose whether to “Delete Workouts and Data”, and delete the records in the Health app, or “Delete Workouts Only”.

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