How to delete a telegram contact

Want to delete Telegram contact directly in messenger? The process is simple and takes no more than a few minutes. In addition, unlike what happens in WhatsApp, the user can do it both through the application and through the web version.

Although it is possible to delete a contact from Telegram (Android l iOS l Web) directly on the platform, it is important to delete it from the phonebook afterward. Otherwise, the contact will appear on the next app sync.

How to Delete a Telegram Contact on Android

1. To carry out the process on Android, access the app’s contact list. Then click on the user you want to remove. On the next screen, select the registered name, then the three-dot button located in the upper right corner;

2. Among the options, choose “Delete contact”. With that, you will see a window in the center of the app. To confirm your decision, tap “Delete” again.

How to Remove a Telegram Number on iPhone

1. On iPhone, access chat with the contact. To do so, find him on your list, join the conversation and click on his name. Once this is done, select the “Edit” command in the upper right corner;

2. Now click on “Delete Contact” and confirm your choice.

How to delete a Telegram contact from PC

1. If you want to do the step-by-step on the PC, access the web version of the messenger. On the left side, find and tap on the contact. On the “Profile” tab, which is in the opposite direction, tap the pen icon;

2. With that, you will already see the command “Delete contact”. Click on it and then confirm.

After that, you might also want to know how to delete a WhatsApp contact. As usual, the Haanga has a complete tutorial on the subject. How about checking?

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