How to delete a Stories from Instagram Featured

Instagram (Android l iOS l Web) has a tool that allows you to gather specific Stories in different “folders”, which are visible on the profile page. Highlights are an interesting way to show important moments longer, as the original post is only available for 24 hours. Haanga has already taught you how to delete these folders from your account. But, what to do to delete a single Stories from Instagram Highlight?

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Although the process is quite simple, some users don’t know where this functionality is located in the app. If you are part of this group, check out the step by step below and learn once and for all!

How to delete a Stories from Instagram Featured

by the app

Step 1: access the app and, on the profile page, tap on one of your highlights;

Step 2: then find the Stories you want to delete. Tap the three dots icon in the lower right corner;

Step 3: now, select the option “Remove from Highlights”;

Step 4: finally, confirm the action by clicking on “Remove” in the window that will appear next.

By the web version

Step 1: in the web version, it is also necessary to go to the profile page and tap on one of the displayed highlights;

Step 2: after identifying the photo or video you want to remove, select the three dots icon, now located in the upper right corner;

Step 3: to proceed, click on “Delete” — although the name is different, it is the same function;

Step 4: just like in the app, you need to confirm your decision. To do so, click on “Delete”.

Ready! Now you know how to delete a Stories from Instagram Spotlight.

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