How to delete a message from Instagram

If you often use the Instagram chat feature, be aware that it is possible to delete messages sent on the social network. And if the action is fast, the recipient may not even see what was sent. In addition to individual messages, it is also allowed to delete entire conversations. In this case, however, the records remain on the cell phone of the other chat participants.

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Fortunately, both processes are quite simple. To delete a message in your account or cancel its sending, the user does not spend more than a few seconds. In fact, these mechanisms even work with your Facebook contacts.

Therefore, if you use the integration of Instagram (Android l iOS l Web) with Messenger to communicate with someone and, eventually, you want to delete the records, nothing will stop you. The process is even the same.

1. To delete an Instagram message, first access the app’s chat. To do so, click on the dedicated button in the upper right corner of the screen;

2. If you want to delete the entire conversation with a certain user, open the options window. On Android, this is done with a longer tap on the conversation. On iOS, you have to drag it to the left and click on “More”. Then tap “Delete” and confirm;

3. With this action, the other participants in the conversation will still be able to view it. To delete a message for everyone, access the chat and press your finger on it for a few seconds. Click “More” (on iOS), then tap “Cancel Send”.

Both processes described above are available in the web version of Instagram. There, the step by step is also simple. To delete a message, simply slide the mouse cursor over it, click on the three-dot button on the left and select the command “Cancel Send”.

While it’s easy, deleting an entire conversation isn’t as intuitive as in the app. In this case, the user must access a chat and, in the upper right corner of the screen, click on the “i”. Then, just select the option “Delete chat” and confirm the action.

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