How to Deactivate WhatsApp Account | Cell phone theft or loss

If you don’t know how to deactivate your WhatsApp account, you could be taking a serious security risk. In case of theft or loss of cell phones, it is necessary to act quickly to avoid the leakage of important data.

To help desperate users, the messenger itself has indicated what to do in this scenario. Contrary to what many think, the first step is not to activate WhatsApp support. Before anything else, request the blocking of your SIM card from the operator in charge. Also, ensure that the number is transferred to a new card.

With the block, the verification processes of the messaging app will be impeded, as the number will not receive SMS or phone calls. This action, however, is not enough to deactivate the WhatsApp account (Android | iOS | Web l Desktop).

Without cell phone access, you will have to send an email to the platform support. It is important that, in the body of the message, all the information necessary for a quick response is inserted.

1. To get started, open your email and create a new message that should be sent to the address “[email protected]” (without quotes). In the “Subject” field, enter the phrase “Lost/stolen: deactivate my account”;

2. Below, in the body of the email, repeat the sentence and add your telephone number in full international format. To do so, enter the “+” in front of the country code, then the area code and the telephone number. In the case of São Paulo, for example, it would be “+ 55 11 9XXXXXXXX”. Here, the country code is 55 and the area code is 11.

After submission, the account will not be deactivated immediately. WhatsApp gives a deadline of 30 days to complete the process. Thus, the user gains time to recover the telephone line and reactivate the account on a new cell phone.

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