How to cut audio from a video for Instagram

Want to make a video for Instagram (Android l iOS l Web) but can’t find the ideal audio? It is possible to cut audios and make custom montages through the CapCut application (Android l iOS).

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The process, although simple, requires that the audios used in editing are saved in the cell phone’s memory. To get started, go to the editor and click on “New Project”. Select the video you want to insert the sound and tap “Add” in the lower right corner of the screen.

How to edit audios for Instagram videos

With the video open in CapCut, it’s time to add the audio. Locate, in the lower toolbar, the corresponding tab and click on it. From that moment on, you can follow two different paths: upload a sound file or extract audio from a video from the gallery.

In the first case, click on “Sounds” and then select “Your sounds”. Once this is done, tap the “From Device” tab and search for the file.

If you prefer the second way, tap on “Extracted”. Locate the video that contains the audio, tap on it and select “Import sound only”.

Click on the audio and use one of the highlighted ends to cut the audio in the desired position. To check the editing progress, use the play button in the center of the screen. At the end, tap the up arrow in the upper right corner to download the video.

Ready! Now you know how to cut audio from a video for Instagram Reels and make custom montages.

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