How to create a group on WhatsApp

Next to private messages, groups are extremely useful for communication between users. See below how to create a WhatsApp group on your cell phone and how to generate access links for your friends.

How to create a group on WhatsApp

By iPhone (iOS)

Step 1: access the WhatsApp application on your iPhone and, on the home page, tap on the “New Group” shortcut, located above the conversations on the right of the screen;

Step 2: then add the participants. Once this is done, tap on “Next”;

Step 3: now, create a name for the group and, if you want, add a cover photo. Finally, select the “Create” command;

by android

Step 1: Open the WhatsApp application on your Android phone and click on the three dots icon located in the upper right corner;

Step 2: among the options that will be displayed, select “New Group”;

Step 3: On the next page, select group participants. To do so, just click on the contact. To proceed, tap the “Next” button in the lower right corner of the screen;

Step 4: Finally, create a name for the group and put a cover photo. Confirm the action by tapping the “Check” button.

How to generate group links for WhatsApp

Group links for WhatsApp can be very useful to add many participants to the same group without having to have your phone number or their contact in your calendar. It is not uncommon to see these links being shared on other social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, among others. However, not all WhatsApp users know how to send them.

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Step 1: to generate an access link, join a group of which you are an administrator. Click on his name to access the “Group Data” tab;

Step 2: then, click on the group’s name and scroll until you see all its participants;

Step 3: now, click on the option “Invite to group via link”;

Step 4: A WhatsApp group link will be made available later. With this you will be able to send it directly to your friends, copy it, get it in QR format or reset it.

Cancel generated access links

But in case many people are using the group link and the admin has lost track of their number of participants, you have the option to reset it at any time. To do so, just follow the steps in the previous section and, on the last screen, select the command “Redefine link”.

It is also worth mentioning that the maximum number of participants in a group is currently 256. So, before sharing a group link in a place with many people, make sure that you are sending it to people in who trusts Also, as a group admin, you can always remove unwanted participants, who share spam or inappropriate messages.

Now you know how to create a WhatsApp group on iPhone or Android phones, as well as generate access links!

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