How to copy text from Instagram

Understanding how to copy text from Instagram can be very important, especially since the social network does not allow users to do this natively – except in private messages, through Messenger.

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So, if you want to copy texts from subtitles, comments or even someone’s bio, the way is to open a link to the post or profile in a browser, or, in the case of Android, use Google Lens. Check below for more details!

How to copy text from Instagram using a browser

Since most social media posts — except sponsored posts — generate a permalink, the URL can be easily accessed by any browser of your choice. And in it, you can copy captions, comments and bio, including hashtags.

  1. Open Instagram and access the post whose caption or comment you want to copy;
  2. Tap the “Three dots” icon;
  3. In the opened menu, tap on “Copy link”;
  4. To copy a profile link, go to it, tap the “Three dots” and select “Copy Profile URL”;
  5. Open a browser of your choice, such as Chrome or Safari, for example, paste the link and access it — you may need to log in with your account to access the content, if the profile is private;
  6. Once this is done, you will be able to copy text from Instagram (caption, comment or bio).

How to copy text from Instagram using Google Lens

Google Lens was originally created to recognize objects and scan text using the camera on Android phones. However, the tool has been incorporated into Google Photos, and it offers powerful image and text recognition tools, giving the opportunity to copy text from Instagram through a print.

  1. Open Instagram and take a print of the caption, comment or bio you want to copy;
  2. In Google Photos, open the print and tap “Lens” in the bottom menu;
  3. Wait for the tool to recognize all the text in the image;
  4. Mark the snippet of interest and tap “Copy text”.

From now on you know exactly how to copy text from Instagram.

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