How to Check connected devices on Globoplay

Globoplay (Andoid | iOS | Web) is Globo’s streaming service with the content of its productions, its group of channels, as well as series and films from other countries.

Like other platforms, it has features so that users can have control over their profile. Among them is a feature that allows you to see who is logged into your account and end sessions to prevent other people from using your profile. Check below how to access the list of connected devices and how to disconnect them.

How to see devices connected to Globoplay and log them out

Step 1: open the streaming service app and click on your profile.

Step 2: in the menu, go to “My Account”.

Step 3: you will be redirected to another page, where you must log in with your Globo account and password and click on “Entr”.

Step 4: Scroll down to “Sessions on Devices”. There will be displayed the device, date, time, IP and location.

Step 5: to remove, just tap the trash can next to the device you want to delete.

Step 6: a message will appear confirming that the session was successfully terminated on the device.

Step 7: if you want, you can also log off all devices. Scroll down and click the “Disconnect All” button.

Step 8: confirm the procedure by clicking “Yes”.

Ready! Now you know how to display the devices that are connected to your GloboPlay account and how to log them out.

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