How to change your username on Facebook Lite

Facebook Lite (Android | iOS) is an app that works like a lighter version of Facebook (Android | iOS) and was developed to use less mobile data, spend less processing and, therefore, be able to run on models of most basic cell phones.

In a similar way to the traditional app, Facebook Lite also allows you to change your username. If you want to do this, know that this procedure is quite quick and practical, check out the step-by-step below.

How to change your username on Facebook Lite

Step 1: Open the Facebook Lite app on your phone and tap the “Three lines” icon in the upper right corner.

step 2: Locate the “Settings” option and click on it.

step 3: on the next tab, tap on “Personal Information”.

step 4: click on “Edit” within the “Name” section.

step 5: Before proceeding, it is important to point out that, after the change, it is not possible to change your name again within 60 days, so please do not write random words or characters. With that in mind, change your name and click “Check change”.

Ready! Now you can change your Facebook Lite username.

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