How to change the font on Instagram

Instagram fonts can change depending on the operating system adopted by the user or if, by chance, he has a fonts app downloaded on his mobile. Fortunately, there is a way to change the style of text on purpose and without the need to download programs.

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This is possible from websites that generate different fonts based on the Unicode format, an international standard that makes it possible to manipulate text characters on any device.

These sites allow the user to write stylized texts and, just with the command Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V, change the original font of social networks like Instagram (and other platforms). Its handling, by the way, is quite simple. Discover some of the available options:

  • FontsForInstagram;
  • Lingojam;
  • igfonts;
  • Cool Fancy Text Generator;
  • 4Devs – Different letters;
  • Fonts and Letters;
  • Letter Converter.

The process is basically the same on all sites listed. What changes is the interface of each one; but you will see that, at the end of the day, the step by step is a cake recipe.

  1. Using your cell phone or computer browser, access one of the sites to change the Instagram font;
  2. In the text field, type what you want and select the font you prefer. Copy the styled text;
  3. Now create a post on Instagram (Android l iOS l Web) and paste the content into the corresponding field. With this you will see that the default letter has been replaced by the new font.

It is worth noting that all sites on the list were tested on photo captions, comments, biography, Instagram Stories and Direct. In all these formats the process worked, even with more extravagant styles.

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