How to change the background color of Stories on Instagram

Have you ever shared an Instagram post in Stories and couldn’t change the background color? In some cases, the app adds random colors or shades present in the post. The process, while simple, is not completely intuitive.

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In fact, the feature has gained significant improvements. Previously, it was not possible to change the colors when sharing the Reels themselves in Stories. When the user tried to do so, the color took over the entire screen, including the video. Finally, this was solved by Instagram (Android l iOS l Web).

1. Share the post in Stories and, in the upper right corner, click on the three-dot button. Once this is done, select the “Draw” command. Next, click on the first pen;

2. Click through the available colors at the bottom of the screen, and to display more options, slide the palette to the left. Use the eyedropper in the lower right corner of the screen to copy shades from the shared post. If you want to enlarge the chart, tap and press on the colors, slide to the desired tone and release;

3. Next, long-press the background to transfer the color. Finally, select the “Finish” command and publish.

This method allows you to change the background color of Stories on Instagram in any case. It doesn’t matter if you’re sharing an image from the gallery, a static post, a Reels or even content from other apps (like Spotify and Youtube), just follow this step by step.

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